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Santa Gertrudis ISD

Achieving Excellence

At Santa Gertrudis School, we are devoted to developing a community of exemplary learners. We empower our students with leadership roles within the campus and encourage personal growth in order to become exceptional members of society. With high expectations and an emphasis on student-centered learning, Santa Gertrudis School remains one of the top campuses in the area. I am honored and humbled to be your interim principal. We will continue to work hard to ensure that the educational experience is a tremendous one. The hear of any school begins and ends with the people who enter it every day, from the staff, to the students, and finally, their families. As the campus leader, I'm continually working to build a community where each and every one of those people, when asked where they work or attend school, will respond with a sense of intense pride in stating: Santa Gertrudis School. 




Adam Canales, M.Ed.

Interim Principal

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